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Maine Roofer

As the saying goes, we all need a roof over our head

Selecting the proper roofing contractor and the best material is very important.  To most a roof is a major investment.

Alexander Construction LLC is a certified master shingler for Certain Teed which means we can supply superior warranties over other companies. We always supply new boot pipes and drip edge, we use 6 feet of ice and water on all leading edges of the roof and in valleys, and around all roof penetrations. After that we use synthetic paper on remainder of roof, precision nail location (meaning will not void shingle warranty), and we always check chimneys to make sure there will be no leaks.

Alexander Construction LLC gives a 5 year workmanship warranty on most roofs.

Ridge Vents Installation

Roofs on a house or property with an attic will require ridge vents to effectively ventilate the space. Ridge vents, either metal or aluminum, are located at the top of the roof ridges. These facilitate in keeping proper ventilation while maintaining a safe level of humidity and moisture content in the premises.